v1.1.2 is available

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v1.1.2 is available

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:19 pm

- Scrolling with mouse wheel after a click on a non-link area of the gadget.
- Directions of scrolling by buttons are exchanged for the usual behaviour.
- Direct link to Google Calendar
- New version check (at least while the version display is not changed on windows live...)
- Event details on flyout with possibility to delete and edit link to Google Calendar
- Handle special characters in username and password (i.e. '+' sign).
- Handle "CAPTCHA required" Google API error by providing the user the Google link to unlock.
- Logging in with email address (that is, not @gmail.com) is supported
- Time part of events after a daylight saving time change should be ok
- Deleted recurring events are not shown at all (they have been show grayed so far)
- Quick add events

Download from gallery.live.com

Feedbacks are welcome.


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