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v1.2.0 is available

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v1.2.0 is available Empty v1.2.0 is available

Post  Admin Fri Nov 27, 2009 10:25 pm

Update: I have just uploaded the height-widht constraint issue fixed version to The gadget version has not changed, therefore, the gadget won't notify you that a new version is available. You will know that you can download the fixed version if there is a FIX: HEIGHT AND WIDTH CONSTRAINTS MIX line in the changelog on This should happen in about 24 hours from now (depending on auditor guys).


  • Req: Settings are stored for being used after version update or gadget reinstall.
  • Req: Gmail notifier works for Google Apps also
  • Req: The user can configure that finished events on today are shown or not
  • Req: Displayed day interval length can be set free (still limited) instead of the combobox.
  • Req: Customizable sound on new mails
  • Fix: Leading zeros were removed from only-numeric-characters-password.
  • Fix: Characters like & and < can be used now in quick add.
  • Fix: In certain circumstances an "gd$eventStatus.value is null or not an object" error occured.
  • Fix: Persistence storage works again
  • Fix: New mail notifier is changed to be smarter
  • Mod: Language handling change: translation is easier
  • Mod: Lithuanian translation

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