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Italian Traduction

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Italian Traduction Empty Italian Traduction

Post  Phil Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:07 pm

// General rules:
// - The encoding of the file, which is Unicode, must not be changed.
// - The name of the file should be [language].js where [language] is the
//  name of the languages in English.
// - You can just put the file in directory "language" under the gadget
//  directory and this is integrated automatically, you can choose
//  the language on settings panel.


// This will be displayed in the language selector combobox on
// settings panel.
languagedisplay: "Italian",

// Recurrence part is for translating ical recurrence info returned
// by Google Calendar API to a human readable form.
recurrence: {

   // These are templates for the supported types of recurrences.
   // In the templates, #1#, #2# and #3# will be replaced to the
   // proper data, see the examples after the templates.
   types: {
      weekly_byday: "Ogni #1# settimana il #2#", // E.g.: Every 2nd week on tuesday
      montyly_byday: "Ogni #1# mese il #2# #3#", // E.g.: Every 2nd month on the third tuesday
      monthly_bymonthday: "Ogni #1# mese il #2#", // E.g.: Every 2nd month on the 27th
      daily: "Ogni #1# giorno", // E.g.: Every 2nd day
      weekly: "Ogni #1# settimana", // E.g.: Every 2nd week
      monthly: "Ogni #1# mese", // E.g.: Every 2nd month
      yearly: "Ogni #1# anno" // E.g.: Every 2nd year
   // These are used for translating weekdays in recurrence rules.
   // See for example types.montyly_byday above.
   weekday_translator: {
      SU: "domenica",
      MO: "lunedì",
      TU: "martedì",
      WE: "mercoledì",
      TH: "giovedì",
      FR: "venerdì",
      SA: "sabato"
   // These are used for translating ordinal numbers in recurrence rules.
   // See any example in types above.
   ordinal_number_translator: {

         The following regular expression replace rules are executed
         sequentially on an ordinal number, the result is created by
         the first matching rule.
         This algorithm works for english:
         - rule 1 replaces anything that ends with a number between 10 and 19 to, ie. 11th or 216th
         - rule 2 replaces anything that ends with 1 to ...1st, ie. 1st, 21st, 1561st (note: rule1 handles 11 before this!)
         - rule 3 replaces anything that ends with 2 to ...2nd, ie. 2nd, 22nd, 1562nd (note: rule1 handles 12 before this!)
         - rule 4 replaces anything that ends with 3 to ...3rd, ie. 3rd, 23rd, 1563rd (note: rule1 handles 13 before this!)
         - rule 5 replaces anything else to, ie. 4th, 24nd, 1564th

         This might seem a bit complicated. For other languages, perhaps
         you can be as simple as applying only one rule, which translates
         everything to X. for, ie. 1. or 22. or 1563.

            rule1: {regexp: "([0-9]+)", replace: "$1." },
      rule1: {regexp: "^([0-9]*1.)$", replace: "$1th" },
      rule2: {regexp: "^([0-9]*1)$", replace: "$1st" },
      rule3: {regexp: "^([0-9]*2)$", replace: "$1nd" },
      rule4: {regexp: "^([0-9]*3)$", replace: "$1rd" },
      rule5: {regexp: "^([0-9]*)$", replace: "$1th" }
// The following are key-value pairs, where the values are
// displayed in certain points of the gadget user interface.
// There might be comments at the end of the lines which help
// the translation.

today: "Oggi",
tomorrow: "Domani",
others: "Altri",
days: "Giorni",
lang: "Lingua",
username: "User name",
password: "Password",
logout: "Logout",
login: "Login",
reloadFeeds: "Ricarica calendario",
feedlist: "Lista Calendario",
close: "Chiudi",
pleasewait: "Aspettare",
error: "Errore",
weekdays: ["Dom", "Lun", "Mar", "Mer", "Gio", "Ven", "Sab"],
months: ["Gen", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "Mag", "Giu", "Lug", "Ago", "Set", "Ott", "Nov", "Dic"],
dateformatflyout: "dd mon", // mon will be replaced to the actual month, dd to the actual day
dateformat: "dofw dd mon", // as abowe, plus dowf will be replaced to the day of the week
dateformatday: "dd mon yy", // as above
dateformatmonth: "mon yy", // as above
weeknumformat: "Settimana ?", // '?' will be replaced to the current week number of the year
time: "Ora",
time12: "6:00PM", // could be for example "6:00 du."
time12am: "AM", // could be for example " de."
time12pm: "PM", // could be for example " du."
//forumtext: "Riporta errori nel",
//forum: "forum",
hintForum: "Forum",
key: "Key",
//donatetext: "Please support this project if you find the gadget useful:",
height: "Altezza",
width: "Larghezza",
edit: "Modifica",
del: "Cancella",
hide: "Nascondi",
unhide: "Mostra",
help: "Aiuto",
lorem: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.", // this should not be translated :)
quickaddhelp: "Il comando andrebbe inserito come descritto nella documentazione sull' <a href=''>aggiunta rapida</a> di Google Calendar.<p>Single event examples:<li>Follow Little Red Riding Hood at 5pm</li><li>Lunch with Grandma on Friday 12 pm</li><li>Surgery (get Gradma out) 8/14</li><li>Blackmail the Hunter next Monday at 13:00</li><li>Haircut 2:15 - 3 pm tomorrow</li><li>National Wolf Conference 9/23 - 9/26 in Atlanta</li><p>Recurring event examples:<li>Blackmail the Hunter every Monday at 2pm</li><li>Whetting teeth on the first Tuesday of every month</li><li>Walk with Grandma on 9/1 monthly</li><li>Little Red Riding Hood's birthday June 19 yearly</li>",
quickadd: "Aggiungi evento rapido",
quickaddcmd: "Comando",
add: "Aggiungi",
create: "Crea",
cancel: "Annulla",
ok: "  Ok  ",
suredeleteevent: "Sei sicuro di cancellare l'evento?",
suredeletemsg: "Nel caso di eventi ricorrenti tutti gli eventi relativi saranno eliminati.",
surehideevent: "Sei sicuro di nascondere l'evento?",
protext: "<i>Googler</i> is the pro version of this gadget. It has several extra features such as"+
   "<ul><li>Gmail messages preview</li>"+
   "<li>Event editing</li>"+ 
   "<li>User defined themes</li>"+
   "<li>Month calendar helper</li></ul>"+
   "<p>You can try Googler on <a href=''></a>",
downloadthemes: "Download temi",
background: "Usa background",
versioncheck: "Controlla nuova versione",
newver: "Una nuova versione è disponibile",
backtoevents: "Torna agli eventi",
calendar: "Calendario",
when: "Quando",
where: "Dove",
repeat: "Ripeti",
retry: "Riprova",
theme: "Tema",
notifysound: "Suono di notifica",
choose: "Scegli",
defa: "Default",
custom: "Custom",
colors: "Usa colori",
showHiddens: "Mostra oggetti nascosti",
checkGmail: "Controlla GMail",
fontsize: "Font dimensione",
dayslength: "Da ?start? per ?days? days", // ?start? is replaced to starting date, ?days? is for length
loading: "Caricando",
updating: "Aggiornando",
descr: "Descrizione",
mark: "Mark",
no: "No",
text: "Testo",
showLog: "Mostra log",
advancedSettings: "Impostazioni avanzate",
hintMenu: "Menu",
hintScroll: "Scrolla",
hintNewEvent: "Aggiungi nuovo evento",
hintRefresh: "Aggiorna",
hintCalendarHome: "Apri Google Calendar nel browser",
hintMailHome: "Apri Google Mail nel browser",
hintModeChange: "Cambiamento modalità",
pleaselogin: "Effettua log in!",
checkeula: "EULA non è accettato",
accepteula: "Io accetto EULA",
please4gs: "Gentilmente usa l'username e la password con qui entri in <a href=''>Google Calendar</a>!",
noevents: "Nessun evento in ? giorni", // '?' will be replaced to the actual number
nofeeds: "Nessun calendario selezionato",
nomails: "Nessuna mail non letta",
title: "Titolo",
trace: "Traccia",
trial: "Questa è una versione prova",
quieterrors: "Silenzia errori",
hidepastevents: "Nascondi eventi passati",
authorizing: "Autorizzando Google Calendar service...",
reloadingfeeds: "Reloading the list of the calendars that are registered for the authorized user...",
errorBadAuthentication: "The login request used a username or password that is not recognized.",
errorNotVerified: "The account email address has not been verified. The user will need to access their Google account directly to resolve the issue before logging in using a non-Google application.",
errorTermsNotAgreed: "The user has not agreed to terms. The user will need to access their Google account directly to resolve the issue before logging in using a non-Google application.",
errorCaptchaRequired: "A CAPTCHA is required. Please go to <a href=''>Google Captcha Unlock</a> page to unlock it, then try again.",
errorUnknown: "The error is unknown or unspecified, the request contained invalid input or was malformed.",
errorAccountDeleted: "The user account has been deleted.",
errorAccountDisabled: "The user account has been disabled.",
errorServiceDisabled: "The user's access to the specified service has been disabled. (The user account may still be valid.)",
errorServiceUnavailable: "The service is not available, try again later."



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Italian Traduction Empty Re: Italian Traduction

Post  Admin Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:09 pm

Thank you very much, but there is an italian translation posted, as you can see on web page.


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Italian Traduction Empty Re: Italian Traduction

Post  Phil Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:04 pm

Ah.. ehm Very Happy



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Italian Traduction Empty Re: Italian Traduction

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