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v1.2.3 is available

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v1.2.3 is available Empty v1.2.3 is available

Post  Admin Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:53 pm


  • Mod: Experimental Google Tasks support (works only for standard GMail users, not for Google Apps)
  • Mod: Italian, Russian, Polish and Japanese translations
  • Mod: Event blinking on due is changed for a more obtrusive alerting
  • Mod: New advanced setting: alertMinutesBeforeDue, if > 0, event alerts are displayed x minutes before due
  • Req: Default reminder is set to quick added events
  • Req: New advanced setting: displayInCalendarTimezones, if 1, then events are displayed always as you were in their calendars' timezone
  • Req: New advanced setting: headerButtons.quickAdd, if 1, quick add button is also available on the gadget header
  • Fix: Day spanning events can be made hidden properly
  • Fix: Handling Free/Busy type shared calendars

Only in Googler:

  • Mod: support for check a 2nd GMail accounts for new mails
  • Mod: Built-in wood theme is modified so that today and tomorow events are denoted by backgrounds
  • Req: Clicking on the subject of the email opens the email directly in GMail
  • Req: New advanced setting: autoMailPreview, if 0, then automatic email preview is switched off
  • Req: New advanced setting: headerButtons.modeChange, if 1, mode change button is also available on the gadget header
  • Req: New advanced setting: stickyCalendar, if 1, then mini calendar is displayed by default

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