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Timezone issues

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Timezone issues Empty Timezone issues

Post  Admin Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:08 am

I've just installed the gadget, and everything is X hours early/late. Is it a timezone bug?

Probably no, at least I'm unaware of timezone issues.

However, please check that the following time zones are configured consistently:
  • the time zone which is actually set on your computer (Control panel / Date and time)
  • the time zone which is set in Google Calendar settings (Google Calendar / Settings / General / Your current time zone)
  • the time zone of your calendar instances (Google Calendar / Settings / Calendars / [your calendars] / Calendar Time Zone)
If these settings seem to be ok, then send the following to ilab at
  • an example of an event with a bad start time on the gadget
  • the time zones which are set for the list above
  • the log file of the gadget with trace mode switched on (see "Can't find the solution" FAQ post for instructions and watch out for trace mode)


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