Ilab Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets
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a few suggestions =)

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a few suggestions =) Empty a few suggestions =)

Post  stephani Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:13 pm

hey! LOVE the gadget, it syncs better than anything else i've found!

A few suggestions that would make it perfect (and push me into buying the googler version)

-the ability to make the font bold in any theme--the events are bolded in the colored themes, but in the themes with the bar across for each day (light blue and light gray), the events are in a font thats too skinny to be able to see the color. Itd be great to be able to change this.

-check boxes for tasks--it'd be really convenient to be able to just click the box rather than open it.

-when you click a day on the calendar, it hides all of the EVENTS before that date, but the TASKS still show.

-the option to set the size by the day, rather than by a set size (ie show all the events for today and tomorrow, and just adjust the size for however many entries there are)

-the ability to mix/match themes, very basically. Maybe have an option to have or not have a bar for each day, and then a color based on the windows color palate.

THANK YOU!! =) All in all an awesome gadget.


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a few suggestions =) Empty Re: a few suggestions =)

Post  Admin Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:47 pm

Thanks for the suggestions (the 3rd one is a bug actually)


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