Ilab Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets
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v1.1.7 is available

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v1.1.7 is available Empty v1.1.7 is available

Post  Admin Fri May 29, 2009 3:05 pm

- Fix: Events ending at 00:00 should not appear on the day of 00:00
- Fix: Adapted the change in Google API so it is possible to delete events again
- Mod: Delete removes only an instance, not the series
- Mod: Now it is possible to hide event occurences in the gadget (without actually deleting them)
- Req: Added 100 and 365 days for event fetch limiting
- Req: The last known data is displayed on gadget start, therefore, if the gadget (ie, the OS) is started without live Internet connection, some events are still displayed based on the last successful data fetch from Google.
- Req: Tooltips for events (unfortunately, you need to click on the gadget first because of Internet Explorer behaviour)

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