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Auto Authenticate?

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Auto Authenticate? Empty Auto Authenticate?

Post  TedTyree Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:39 pm

Maybe I am missing something here? I have Windows 7 and use Remember the Milk. I was hoping to find a widget/gadget/pop-up window that would keep my RTM task list on the desktop while I work. I was thrilled to find Ilab's I Forgot The Milk. However, I expected it to open automatically on start-up or at the very least, be viewable with a single click of an icon. Instead I am finding that I have to click options, wait for IE to launch, log in, OK the authentication process, return to the gadget, click login, load the list, select the lists I want to see, and click OK... EVERY SINGLE TIME I START MY COMPUTER. Maybe I am missing something here?


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Auto Authenticate? Empty Re: Auto Authenticate?

Post  Admin Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:47 pm


Of course, you shouldn't have to authenticate every OS login.

Please try IForgotTheMilk-tmp.gadget which you can find here: This is a middle-in-the-development version.

If you still experience this, please to the following:
1. Authenticate in the gadget.
2. Go to gadget settings/others and click 'trace', click ok
3. Reboot your computer
4. Go to gadget settings/others, click 'show log' and send the content to ilab at


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